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You guys are awesome !!!

This is such a great release for WatchOS 2 ! Perfect integration, Native App and even with a Complication, so useful now. It is now on my WatchFace next to my activity ring, and I love it :) Many thanks for the awesome work. You guys rock !!

No more AppleWatch app

With this new update, the AppleWatch app disappeared. Thanks for correcting this bug.


Still dont work... Or time to time

OK but incomplete

OK but the badge doesnt update when used with the widget. And doesnt consider the water taken in food and the instantaneous activity during time (we can only select an average in the parameter for all the time). Would be more useful if all this is corrected.

intéressant mais !!! ... interesting BUT !!!

they re using american measurement ???, not accurate for Europe and the metric system this is non sense to propose this app over here without it otherwise interesting i will put 4 to 5 stars when they will correct it

My favorite watch app, period!

This app has changed my life. I never think of drinking water and often end up dehydrated. Thanks to the watch complication Im always aware of how much is left to drink and filling the ring has become a game to me. This is the app I use most on Apple Watch. The difference with other apps in the category? The app stayed simple and not bloated with unnecessary stuff, the watch complication is a circle which fits perfectly next to the activity rings. This app is exactly what an Apple Watch app should be: fast, simple, useful, good looking, and upon all not doing too much. Five stars is the least you deserve! On the downside: every once in a wile the watch app stops syncing my intake records with the iPhone app, it can last up to 2 weeks. I hope the latest version fixed this.

Good app, enhancements could make it even better

This is a good app, I can survey my hydration, which is appreciated. A link with the Up application could bring something even more interesting

Lack height option

Just like the weight I think it should have the option to add our height as well. So that the amount of water intake would be more precise according to ones own body mass index.

Otimo !!!



Got this app to remind me to hydrate ! Something important that you never think of or remember to do. Thanks !! ??


Macht was es soll!

Broken for 2 months

The December update broke the input values. Entered amounts always get reduced. Developer acknowledged issue but has never fixed it.

Health before Wealth

To maintain your health, you need to drink lots of water, but its easy to forget. This app helps keep you hydrated!

Love it!

Love that it tracks all kinds of liquids.

Great Reminder

Update 2017-01-18: I found the section to manage the type of liquids and amount. I upgraded my rating to 5 stars. Great app. Great sync with the Apple Watch, however it would be great if I could select the type of drink other than water, through the watch....similarly the way I can wither the iPhone app. Otherwise, since I dont drink enough water, this works as a great reminding and logging mechanism especially with the watch.

Fine but dumb

The app works fine I guess but I played with it and my takeaway was WHY?!?!? Why do I need an app to tell me Im thirsty? If I need a reminder, set a reminder. And the amount of water it recommends is NOT backed by science (there is no consensus) so you may still be over or under hydrating!

Apple Watch does not work

Apple Watch is not working. This feature was the sole reason I got the app. I hope this gets resolved

First to rate 3 stars

First to rate 3 stars

Decent app

One beef. Once you create a profile , you cant change the wweight in lbs to kg. You also cant chance oz of liquid to ml. Meh.

Good app

Good app. I like the running total and the ability to customize serving size. On the downside when I add a coffee it treats it like water and adds to my total instead of taking away.

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